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Stories from Students

Have an inspiring story that you’d like to share? Did you come out in a fabulous way? Maybe you started a GSA or safer space group at your school? Or maybe something else helped you feel more safe and included in school life? MyGSA.ca is is looking for stories from students to post. If you are interested in sharing, please send your story to mygsa@egale.ca.

Submit your Story

Sharing your story is easy. Simply write your story and send it in an attachment to mygsa@egale.ca with the subject line “Stories From Educators.” You’re welcome to attach a photo if you’d like to share one. Otherwise we’ll use a stock image to accompany your story. 

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Your Story

Please note:

1) If selected, your story will be shared on the MyGSA.ca website. This means it will be online, which means it will exist in the internet, possibly forever. Please be aware of this before submitting your story.
a. You’re welcome to not include names, or use pseudonyms if you need to.
b. You’ll be asked to sign a form agreeing to share your story on the MyGSA.ca site.

2) If selected, you will be contacted for confirmation of your identity, and to sign the above mentioned agreement

Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you!